Bicentennial National Trail

At the Drover's Dog's Grave Memorial, High Country, Victoria (1986).  The gravesite is a magnificent stone done by John Glannarelly to commemorate the burial of a lonely bushman's dog called Boney, who was accidentally poisoned in the 1860s.  Typical of the High Country men Peter Meehan and his horse Skinny and his dog were legends in their time.  This monument also commemorates the pioneers and their dogs of the High Country of Victoria. 

boney dog's grave


The National Trail Plaque presented to Brian Taylor in 1988 shows the map of the Trail from Cooktown to the South in Victoria.  


Enjoying a swag of memories, Brian Taylor and Brian Fahey at the Guy Fawkes river on the National Trail, photopgraphed by Jan Subiaco. 


The Lion's Den - historical shanty of the tin mines, is the first watering hole south of Cooktown. This pen and ink sketch was rendered by cousin artist Joan Cairns.

lions den