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'Song of The Billabong'

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"Taylor is an old-time bush story teller who would not be out of company with Henry Lawson or Banjo Patterson around a campfire."   -- Christopher Bantick, Weekly Times

"Homely, dramatic, amusing, absorbing, Taylor's recollections are a timely reminder of a heritage that deserves to be preserved, recorded, enjoyed, not least for what one of the characters in the book memorably attributes to the author, 'his spurts of oratory blended with the colourful colloquialisms of the bush'."  --  Ralph Elliot, Professor of English, Canberra Times

"There are stories that make you laugh, and a few pages later, tales told with such sensitivity that they make you cry." --  Fiona Myers, The Weekly Times

"His account of them in these memoirs, and of inland life in general, is captivating. When he writes about a mob of cattle, you smell the dust; when he talks about smokos on shaded verandas, you feel the heat; when he talks about corned beef sandwiches, you taste the tradition. Above all, his stories evoke the  resourcefulness, chivalry and matter-of-fact humour of the people of the bush." -- John Wright, The Courier Mail (Queensland 25 Oct 2008)

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Available from all leading bookstores in Australia and New Zealnd from 1 August 2008. 

Published by Hachette Australia, ISBN: 978 0 7336 2325 7.  

'A Swag Of Memories' is a collection of 46 stories from the author's life and is an anthology of the previously published works 'The Brumby Mare' and 'The Moonlight Stallion'. 

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